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Tsunami type CNG engine

  • Description

1、This engine applies the main shaft and countershaft whose module and intensity are increased. These improvement guarantee the reliability of the transmission and the output the torque.


2、This engine adopts hex style six-plates (or above six) clutch which improve the new overrunning clutch in this way, the life of the electric starter is lengthened.


3、The big volume of the water chamber on the cylinder head and big impeller water pump improve the performance when the speed is low and also improve the engines heat radiation ability.


4、Applying of the sphenoid starting clutch shortens the uniting time, improve the stability and lower the noise.


5、According to the using requirements of the tricycle and sand beach vehicle, these two engines apply electronic reverse protecting device to improve the operating safety of the vehicle and make the vehicle easier to operate.


6. The engine shall burden lower temperature which can reach steady working condition.

Product Name:
Water-cooled CNG engine