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Other CNG station equipment

  • Description
  • Control system

The system can control the on-line operation of compressor and accessory equipment through computer of  PLC and provide relevant safety protection (e.g. suction pressure, each stage discharge pressure, lubricating oil pressure, cooling water, temperature, etc.)


  • Suction system

Suction system consists of pipe pressure adjusting device, suction buffer filter and so on.

Pressure adjusting device is used to adjust suction pressure.

Suction buffer filter is used to buffer gas, steady suction pressure, reduce gas pulse, remove impurities in gas to protect system equipment.


  • Cooling system

The system consisting of water pump, cooling tower, valve and so on, is used to cool water-cooled natural gas compressor. In order to remove scale, the cooling system shall be equipped with electric water treator. The specification of cooling system depends on compressor type and quantity. The cooling tower is not needed if the natural gas compressor is cooled by air cooling or mixing cooling.


  • High pressure dewatering device

Rear treatment system is mainly the high pressure regenerative which dry and purity the high pressure gas after compression. It is also one of the main accessory equipment for CNG filing station and consist of separator, filter, oil eliminator, cooler, heater, pressure reducing device and so on.

The treatment capacity of GZQ series high pressure regenerative dryer is 1000 Nm3/h, 1200 Nm3/h, 1500 Nm3/h, 2000 Nm3/h and 2500 Nm3/h. After treatment, natural gas dewpoint at atmosphere ≤ -62℃, dust content  ≤ 5mg/Nm3, dust size ≤10um, regenerated gas consumption:20-40Nm3/h.


  • Low pressure dewatering device

Low pressure dewatering device is installed in front of compressor for drying and purifying the gas before compression, including filter, working tower, heater, regeneration circulation system etc.


  • Waste gas collecting system

The system recovers waste gas of compressor into suction system for reducing natural gas waste.


  • Gas transmission control system

The pressure difference between cylinder cascades and vehicle cylinder directly affects filling time. The system can keep the best filling speed for vehicle.

The system mainly is program control panel. We can provide manual and automatic program control panels.