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CNG dispensor

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CNG dispenser introduction:

CNG dispensers are the primary interface between a CNG station and the fueling customer. As such, considerations such as design, reliability, performance and safety are vitally important to station owners, we have experience with just about anything that can affect a CNG dispenser's reliability and performance - from intense heat and humidity to sub-zero temperatures, inconsistent power supply, poor gas quality, and severe usage. This has enabled us to design CNG dispensers that consistently withstand extreme conditions with ease. Our CNG dispensers also come equipped with full flow safety relief valves as well as excess fill and flow safety shutdowns, showcasing our commitment to safety and allowing us to obtain the most approvals of any CNG dispenser on the market.


CNG Dispenser Features

Stand-alone design (fully self-contained electronic)

Electronics computer register specifically designed for CNG fueling applications

Easy-to-read backlit displays for maximum visibility

Power conditioning and protection

Coriolis-type mass flow meters

Electronically controlled internal sequencing

Kraus PFS pressure and temperature compensated refueling

In-line safety breakaways on both main and vent hose lines

Full size safety relief valves

Custom silk-screened display panels in any language or unit

Factory tested on CNG

Ability to interface with most POS and card reader systems

Flexible bus-based electronics allowing for easy addition of peripherals