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The vehicular CNG compressor developed by our company that China CNG compressor manufacturer have complete series including L-type, W-type, D-type, V-type, Z-type. Cooling is of water, air and water air mixture. Suction pressure is 0-20MPa while gas supply is 150-300Nm3/h. Lubricating oil pressure; water pressure and each stage discharge pressure are controlled by PLC. This kind of CNG compressor has many advantages, such as smooth running, low noise, easy operation and maintenance. The compressor is widely used for big, middle and small CNG filling station and mother-daughter station of different suction pressure and discharge capacity.­


L-types series

The series compressor is of L-type, water cooling, stationary reciprocating piston. It’s cylinder is lubricated with little oil, discharge pressure is 25 MPa, gas supply is 250-3000Nm3/h. The compressor is of whole package on skid, low speed, stable running, low vibration, low noise, applied to big and middle filling station.


D-types series

The series compressor is horizontal opposite balanced type, has perfect balancing. Its discharge pressure is 25MPa, gas supply is 660-3000Nm3/h. The compressor is of water cooling, air cooling or mixture cooling, whole package in case and fitted with PLC for automatic control, easy to maintain, applied to mother-daughter station and areas where water is lacking.


Daughter station series

The serial compressor applies to daughter station and has following advantages:

Vertical type, small occupied areas;

No balance section for cylinder, little oil lubrication, energy saving, low specific power;

Wide suction range:2-20Mpa, average gas supply:10000-20000Nm3/day.

Automatic suction shift to allow 1st stage compression or 2nd stage compression.