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2012 Honda Civic runs with natural gas

The Honda Civic released a model that runs on compressed natural gas or CNG basis. As a matter of fact, it is the only factory built compressed natural gas car in the country. It is nice to have a car like this because it is eco friendly; it burns cleaner than the gasoline. You might also be glad to know that EPA comes up with a result of 87% of the natural gas being used in the country is domestically produced – it means that there is a huge supply of natural gas here.

There are just a few configurations to be done to the 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine. Also, it includes the addition of strong connecting rods that supports the stress of 12.7:1 ratio to its compression.

All in all, you can notice the difference of this model to the gasoline powered when you experienced driving it. The 2012 Honda Civic CNG powered might deal some unfavorable function to you when you get used or you prefer to drive a gasoline and/or hybrid powered vehicle. However, the main objective of having this is not only for benefiting ones health by means of cleaner burning but also with its ability to contribute to the environment. It also has a great advantage in terms of accelerating as compared with gasoline or hybrid vehicle.

The cost varies upon your setup; you can make adjustments if you want, therefore the price isn’t constant. For a car that has a less cargo, less range, and less power, the Honda will charge you $26,925. If you want navigations system that shows the available CNG refilling stations, you just need to add $1,500 to the total price.