Messer Group grows Siegen site with cylinder filling plant expansion

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Messer Group grows Siegen site with cylinder filling plant expansion

Since its re-entry into the German industrial gases market in 2007, Messer has invested a total of more than €7m in the Siegen site and a further €150m in its German business as a whole.

The family company has now invested an additional €2.5m in expanding the cylinder filling plant. The investment will enable Messer to achieve high levels of product availability and a marked increase in production, while at the same time expanding the product range.

In addition, the expanded cylinder filling plant uses state-of-the-art technology such as fully enclosed filling stations, which ensure a high level of safety. The new production capacities created will allow Messer to expand in the South Westphalia economic region and far beyond.

“This new cylinder filling plant here in Siegen combines our safety and quality standards probably more than any other Messer Group production site,” said Egon Glitz, Managing Director of Messer, responsible for the Western Europe Region.

“The Siegen site is of great importance to Messer. The expanded filling plant gives Messer the opportunity to manufacture quality products safely in a market that is extremely attractive for the gases industry and ideally located in terms of transport links.”

Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of Messer Group GmbH, added, “Our investments are aimed at ensuring our independence while at the same time providing our approximately 5,000 employees with an economically secured future.”