Vadilal Chemicals Q2 sales down by 8%

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Vadilal Chemicals Q2 sales down by 8%

The figure was down compared to Rs 105.3m ($1.5m) achieved during the same period last year.

However, the company posted a net profit of Rs 4.66m ($70,000) during the quarter, against net loss of Rs 840,000 recorded during the prior year quarter ended September 2014. The company managed to cut expense during the period by 17.8%.

Overall, during the first half 2015 period, income from operations was also down by 10.4% to Rs 191.9m ($2.9), compared to Rs 214.3m earned during the same period last year.

The company’s net profit recorded four-fold growth at Rs 5.5m ($83,000) during first half 2015.

Vadilal Chemicals supplies argon, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, pure gases, gas mixtures, and calibration gases in more than 40,000 high pressure cylinders.

The company is also manufacturing 15,000 low pressure cylinders to supply ammonia and other low pressure gases.

Vadilal currently has 12 depots across the country and innumerable bottling plants, through which it caters for over 3,000 of its clients. In addition, the company has over 55 cryogenic and low pressure tankers and trailers, and 20 hydrogen banks.