Market opportunity identified by HyperSolar due to h2 fuelling issues

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Market opportunity identified by HyperSolar due to h2 fuelling issues

Recent articles published by GreenCarReports and Cleantechnica, among others, highlight some of the challenges currently faced by hydrogen fuel cell vehicle drivers.

These issues include encountering oft-closed charging stations, wait-times exceeding an hour, partial fill-ups, and other factors causing headaches for those who are finding it increasingly difficult to drive their new purchases. Several Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell SUBs have begun posting complaints on a private Facebook group, while others cite demand for hydrogen fuel as being a key reason why charging stations have been unable to service properly.

While these complaints surrounding servicing are perceived as bad news for fuel cell drivers, many in the industry are encouraged by the increased demand for hydrogen fuel, indicating the market is receptive to the FCVs being rolled out by numerous auto manufacturers.

HyperSolar believes this demand is reflective of consumer interesting in driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle that reduces carbon emissions, a well-known byproduct of the oil dependence sustained by traditional means of transportation. HyperSolar is currently developing technology to produce hydrogen using only sunlight and water in a renewable process, which would allow hydrogen production at or near the point of distribution – such as a car charging station.

“While we share consumer frustration in the lack of useable hydrogen fuel for FCV drivers, we are pleased with the adoption of these vehicles that generate significant demand for this fuel,” said Tim Young, CEO of HyperSolar.

“We believe this challenge represents a significant market opportunity for hydrogen fuel producers, one that HyperSolar can leverage when our technology reaches commercialization.”

“Our potential to produce renewable hydrogen fuel on-site, be it a car charging station or behind a big box retailer, is a key differentiator that we believe will be well received in the future as the world continues to adopt hydrogen fuel solutions.”