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More gas&Less price---CNG jumbo tube skid(OD711mm cylinders)


Based on years of experience and expertise, we Sinocleansky is launching a new line of jumbo tube with outer diameter as OD711mm. 
we offer the biggest jumbo tube in the market. 
Features of advantage:       
1. Bigger: More water volume of OD711 skids as 22.2M3&23.8M3 than normal OD559 skids 
                as17.8M3 (40ft tube skid); 
2. Safter: Less tubing&valves for higher safety.     
3. Easier: Less tubing&valves for easier daily maintainance;    
4. Better price: Less transporting cost on CNG SCM.      
Sincerely hope our new model will bring you better ideal choice in CNG transporation&storage industry.